postheadericon GTU MCA Programming in Python 4639304

Year – 2 (Semester – 3) (W.E.F. JULY 2018)

Programming in Python - 4639304

Unit-1 Introduction to Python: [ Download Lecture PPT ]

  • The basic elements of Python,
    • Objects, expressions and numerical Types, Variables and assignments, IDLE, Branching programs, Strings and Input, Iteration
  • Structured Types, Mutability and Higher-order Functions:
    • Tuples, Lists and Mutability, Functions as Objects, Strings, Tuples and Lists, Dictionaries

Unit-2 Functions, Exception, Modules and Files [ Download Lecture PPT ]

  • Functions:
    • Difference between a Function and a Method, Defining a Function, Calling a Function, Returning Results from a Function, Returning Multiple Values from a Function, Functions are First Class Objects, Pass by Object Reference, Formal and Actual Arguments, Positional Arguments, Keyword Arguments, Default Arguments, Variable Length Arguments, Local and Global Variables, The Global Keyword, Passing a Group of Elements to a Function, Recursive Functions, Anonymous Functions or Lambdas (Using Lambdas with filter() Function, Using Lambdas with map() Function, Using Lambdas with reduce() Function), Function Decorators, Generators, Structured Programming, Creating our Own Modules in Python, The Special Variable __name__
  • Exceptions:
    • Errors in a Python Program (Compile-Time Errors, Runtime Errors, Logical Errors),Exceptions, Exception Handling, Types of Exceptions, The Except Block, The assert Statement, User-Defined Exceptions, Logging the Exceptions
  • Files:
    • Files, Types of Files in Python, Opening a File, Closing a File, Working with Text Files Containing Strings, Knowing Whether a File Exists or Not, Working with Binary Files, The with Statement, Pickle in Python, The seek() and tell() Methods, Random Accessing of Binary Files, Random Accessing of Binary Files using mmap, Zipping and Unzipping Files, Working with Directories, Running Other Programs from Python Program

Unit-3 Classes and Object-oriented Programming: [ Download Lecture PPT ]

  • Classes:
    • Creating a Class, The Self Variable, Constructor, Types of Variables, Namespaces, Types of Methods (Instance Methods, Class Methods, Static Methods), Passing Members of One Class to Another Class, Inner Classes
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism:
    • Constructors in Inheritance, Overriding Super Class Constructors and Methods, The super() Method, Types of Inheritance, Single Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance, Method Resolution Order (MRO), Polymorphism, Duck Typing Philosophy of Python, Operator Overloading, Method Overloading, Method Overriding
  • Abstract Classes and Interfaces:
    • Abstract Method and Abstract Class, Interfaces in Python, Abstract Classes vs. Interfaces,

Unit-4 Advanced Topics I: Plotting and Data Science [ Download Lecture PPT ]

  • Plotting using PyLab, Plotting mortgages and extended examples
    • Data Science Using Python:
    • Data Frame (Creating Data Frame from an Excel Spreadsheet, Creating Data Frame from .csv Files, Creating Data Frame from a Python Dictionary, Creating Data from Python List of Tuples, Operations on Data Frames),
  • Data Visualization :
    • Bar Graph, Histogram, Creating a Pie Chart, Creating Line Graph

Unit-5 Advanced Topics II: Regular Expressions [ Download Lecture PPT ]

  • REs and Python:
    • Regular Expressions, Sequence Characters in Regular Expressions, Quantifiers in Regular Expressions, Special Characters in Regular Expressions, Using Regular Expressions on Files, Retrieving Information from a HTML File
  • Threading :
    • Concurrent Programming and GIL, Uses of Threads, Creating Threads in Python, Thread Class Methods, Single Tasking using a Thread, Multitasking using Multiple Threads, Thread Synchronization Deadlock of Threads, Avoiding Deadlocks in a Program, Communication between Threads, Thread Communication using notify() and wait() Methods, Thread Communication using a Queue, Daemon Threads
  • Networking:
    • Protocol, Sockets, Knowing IP Address, URL, Reading the Source Code of a Web Page, Downloading a Web Page from Internet, Downloading an Image from Internet, A TCP/IP Server, A TCP/IP Client, A UDP Server, A UDP Client, File Server, File Client, Two-Way Communication between Server and Client, Sending a Simple Mail,

Unit-6 Python's Database Connectivity [ Download Lecture PPT ]

  • Verifying the MySQLdb Interface Installation, Working with MySQL Database, Using MySQL from Python, Retrieving All Rows from a Table, Inserting Rows into a Table, Deleting Rows from a Table, Updating Rows in a Table, Creating Database Tables through Python

Text Books:

  1. John V Guttag. “Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python”, Prentice Hall of India
  2. R Nageswara Rao, Core Python Programming, 2nd Edition, Dreamtech Press

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