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1.      Write HTML code to develop a web page having the background in red and title “My First Page” in any other color.
2.     Create a HTML document giving details of your name, age, telephone, address, Pin code & enrollment no. aligned in proper order (About Me page for you)
3.       Write HTML code to design a page containing a text in a paragraph give suitable heading style. Create three paragraphs each should differently align like left, right and center.
4.       Create a page to show different attribute of Font tag.
5.       Create a page to show different attribute italic, bold, underline, strike, subscript superscript etc.

6.      Design a page having background color given text color red and using all the attributes of font tab.
7.       Write HTML code to create a web page that contains an Image at its center and all corners.
8.       Create a web page with appropriate content and insert an image towards the left hand side of the page when user clicks on the image. It should open another web page.
9.       Create a web Page using href tag having the attribute link alink, vlink etc with different color.
10.    Create a web page, when user clicks on the link 1. Go to Bottom, 2. Go to Top,  It should go to the bottom of the page and at bottom to top of the page.
11.    Write a HTML code to create a web page of pink color and display moving message in red color.
12.    Create a web page which show different list available in HTML,
o    Show an ordered and unordered list of name of your five friends.
o    A nested list showing the Book Index of any reference book
13.    Create Two different vertical and horizontal menu using unordered list 
14.    Draw the following:
              *******      ******
               *     ******    *
                *  J V I M S  *
                 *           *
15.    Create Following four Tables using nested table and merge cell





16.    Create following Frame set and 5 html file for five set
           Left Top
           Left bottom
           Right Top
           Right Bottom
Left Top
Right Top
Left Right
Right Bottom

17.    Create following Frame set
List of Different HTML Tags
Detail Help of HTML Tag

18.    Create HTML5 Help website for form tags and its attribute
19.    Create Student registration form for placement department (make appropriate assumption and include all form elements in it)
20.    Create your resume in html page. Which must have this sections  objective, skill, Hobbies, Education, Projects, Personal and Contact Information with appropriate title of resume
21.    Create your Personal HTML website

Note: Use Notepad to write html docs and Google Chrome web browser to test it.

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