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Unit-1 HTML and JavaScript 

  • Give DOM hierarchy? Explain properties, methods and events for text element of Html form
  • What is JavaScript? Explain the advantages of JavaScript.
  • What is CSS? Explain the types of CSS.
  • Explain function in JavaScript?
  • Explain Date and Time functions in JavaScript
  • Explain Object creation and modification in Javascript
  • Explain Following HTML Tag with example: (1)
    • (i) Title, Head 
    • (ii) OL, UL , DL
    • (iii) Table with TH,TR,TD
  • Write a java script to check whether a number entered in textbox is prime or not.
  • In Javascript, eval("2 + 0.56") returns ______. (1)
  • In HTML, <ol> tag is used to create list items with bullets. (True / False) (1)
  • Write the advantages of JavaScript. Explain any three methods of Date and String objects of JavaScript. (7)
  • Explain the various types of inputs provided by HTML. (7)
  • Write a Javascript that changes background color to red if user presses the mouse button. (4)
  • Write a JavaScript function to add two numbers when user presses submit button. (3)
  • JavaScript is created by______ . (Sun, Microsoft, Netscape) (1)
  • What will be assign in variable mca by following JavaScript var mca = parseInt(“0xff”); Ans:255  (1 mark)
  • JavaScript is compiled and executed at client. (True / False) (1)
  • _________ is only property of string object in JavaScript. (1)
  • Java is _______________and JavaScript is ___________________. (2)
  • True or False. JavaScript Ignores White Space. (1)
  • What is the code in HTML so that someone can mail by just clicking on text? (1)
  • Write a code for create a multiple list in HTML. (1)
  • Which two methods are used for takes keyboard input and screen output in Java Script? (1)
  • What is the correct JavaScript syntax to write “Hello World”? (1)
  • HTML elements with no content are called _______ elements (1)
  • Explain Array in JavaScript with Example (3)
  • Write a JavaScript to input two numbers and find out max. Put validation - both value is not null. (7)
  • The <select> tag allows multiple choice selection from list of choices that are offered. (True/False) (1)
  • The Date object contains information about a particular date and time. (True/False) (1)
  • Explain DOM hierarchy. List two important methods of Window and Document Object. (7)
  • What is special about Math object? Explain any two methods of String, Date and Array object.(7)
  • Which tag is used to write JavaScript in HTML? (1)
  • Explain functionality of Join() & Reverse() function of array in JavaScript. (2)
  • Explain basic structure of HTML document. (3)
  • Explain various dialog box provided by JavaScript. (3)
  • Explain Table tag of HTML with example. (7)
  • We can save external JavaScript file with ____ extension. (1)

Unit- 2 Servlet Basics

  • Servlet Life Cycle in detail / Life cycle methods with example.
  • Servlet Package Explain with example.
  • Write Servlet Program which generates a plain text. (4)
  • Major difference between doGet() and doPost()
  • Define Servlet. Explain the life cycle methods of Servlet. (07)

Unit - 3 Handling the Client Request

  • What is client request? Explain getParameter()
  • Discuss all access methods of HttpServletRequest in detail
  • Write code to read a HttpHeader in servlet
  • Discuss four main methods of HttpServletRequest.
  • Briefly discuss Http 1.1 request Headers
  • Difference between GenericServlet  vs HttpServlet

Unit - 4 Generating the Server Response

  • Describe important status codes of Http 1.1 protocol
  • What is SC? Discuss any five status code in brief
  • Explain methods of HttpServletResponse with example.
  • Write down steps to generate JPEG image in Servlet

Unit - 5 Handling Cookies and Session


  • Why Cookies used? Explain how Cookies are send and received by the servlet.
  • Define cookies how will you handle Cookies in Servlet? Explain with Example.
  • What is Cookie? Differentiate session Cookie with persistent Cookies.
  • What do you mean by Cookies? Mention the benefits of Cookies. How will you set and get Cookie in servlet, Explain with example.


  • List out the different techniques used to track the Session. Explain methods available in HttpSession class
  • Define session tracking what is the use of Session tracking in web? Explain with example.
  • What is Session? Explain different ways of session tracking mechanism?
  • Difference between Session and Cookie.
  • In servlet, _____ method is used with session object to store information in a session.

Unit - 6 JSP (Java Server Page)

  • Explain Advantages of JSP over Servlet
  • Explain <jsp:include> and <jsp:forward> with example.
  • Give the name of JSP directives. Briefly explain all attributes of JSP page directives.
  • Difference between <jsp:include page= > and <%@ include file = > ?
  • Difference between <jsp:forward page= > and response.sendRedirect(URL)
  • Explain JSP actions in detail.
  • What is importance of JavaBeans in JSP? Explain important JSP actions to build and manipulate JavaBean components along with all its attributes.
  • Explain <jsp:useBean>,<jsp:setProperty> and <jsp:getProperty> with Example.
  • Write the JSP comment syntax
  • Give the two required attributes of jsp:getProperty action tag.
  • Explain jsp expressions,scriptlets and declarations with examples.
  • Explain jsp page directive's import,session,buffer and errorPage attribute with example.
  • Write the jsp comment syntax.
  • What is jsp predefine variables?Explain any five.
  • Differentiate <jsp:include> from <jsp:forward> with example.
  • Write the JSP comment syntax.

Unit - 7 MVC ( Model View and Controller ) and EL ( Expression Language )

  • State the role of MVC architecture in Web based application environment.
  • Explain concept of MVC in detail.
  • What are Beans? Explain the required steps for implementing MVC with RequestDispatcher with example code.

Unit - 8  JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

  • ResultSet.getMetaData() returns the object of ____ . 
    • a. DatabaseMetaData 
    • b. MetaData 
    • c. ResultSetMetaData 
    • d. None of the above
  • Explain prepared statement with suitable example.
  • Write down standard step for database.
  • Explain callable statement

Unit - 9 web.xml and Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

  • Define servlet Filter with proper code
  • We must configure and map all jsp files into web.xml. (True / False)
  • What is Deployment?Discuss Deployment Discreeter with its elements and role.
  • What is JSTL?Explain all tags with example.
  • Discuss file mapping elements.
  • Define Expression language.discuss its implicit objects.
  • Discuss various filter mapping elements.

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