postheadericon GTU MCA Programming in JAVA - 4639302

Year – 2 (Semester - 3 ) (W.E.F. JULY 2018)
Programming in JAVA - 4639302

Unit I : Introduction to Java  
Programming Platform,Java Buzzwords, overview of applet and internet, History of Java, common misconception about Java, The Java Programming Environment: installing JDK, using the command line tools, using IDE, Programming Structures in Java: data types, operators, working with Strings, working with Scanner class for input and output, control flow, big number and Arrays.

Unit II : Objects and Classes, Inheritance, Interface
Objects and Classes: classes, objects, objects and object variables, LocalDate Class, Mutator and Accessor methods, defining your own classes, static fields and methods, method parameters, object construction, packages and the class path.
Inheritance: classes, superclasses, and subclasses, overriding methods, inheritance hierarchies, polymorphism, final class and methods, casting, abstract classes and, protected access, Object: Cosmic superclass, Object Wrappers and Autobxing and Enumeration classes. Interface.

Unit III : Lambda Expressions, Inner classes.
Lambda Expressions, Inner classes: Interfaces, examples of interfaces, Why Lambdas? Syntex of lambda expression, functional interfaces, method reference, constructor reference, variable scope, processing lambda expression and inner classes.

Unit IV : Exception Handling, Generic Programming
Exception Handling: dealing with errors, catching exceptions, tips for using exceptions:
Generic Programming: A Simple Generic class, generic methods, bounds for type variables, generic code and the VM, restrictions and limitations and inheritance rules for generic types.

Unit V: Input and Output
Input/Output Streams: reading writing bytes, combining IO steam filers, Text Input and Output: write text output, read text outpout, saving object in text format, character encoding, Reading and Writing, Working with Files: paths, reading and writing files, creating files and directories, copying, moving and deleting files and getting file info.

Unit VI: Database Programming
The Design of JDBC, JDBC Driver Types, SQL, JDBC Configuration: URL, driver jar files, starting the database, registering the driver class, connecting to the database, Working with JDBC Statements: executing SQL statement, managing connections, statements, resultsets, SQL exceptions, Query Execution: prepared statement.

Text Book(s):
1. Cay S. Horstmann “Core Java , Volume I – Fundamentals”, 10th Edition, Pearson Education , 2017
2. Cay S. Horstmann “Core Java , Volume II – Advanced Features”, 10th Edition, Pearson Education , 2017

Question Bank

Unit-1:  Introduction to Java

  • What is JAVA? 
  • Explain History of JAVA
  • Explain Feature of JAVA 
  • Explain JAVA Buzzwords
  • Explain common misconception about Java
  • Write steps to install JDK.
  • Explain JAVA jargons
  • Explain general structure of java program with block diagram.
  • Explain JAVA data types in detail.
  • What is operator? Explain types of Operator in JAVA.
  • Explain how to generate formatted output in Java.
  • Explain String API in detail.
  • What is Array? Explain Types of Array with example
  • What is big number? Explain it in detail.
  • Explain Control structure in Java?
  • Explain Looping structure in Java.
  • Explain decision structure in Java.
  • Explain difference between break V/S continue.
  • Explain variable size array with in an example.
  • Explain conditional operator (ternary operator) with an example.
  • Explain unary operator with an example.
  • Explain Type Conversions in detail
  • Explain String API in detail
  • Explain Scanner class and its input method.
  • Explain System.out.printf() in detail
  • Explain Big number in java.

Unit-2:  Objects and Classes, Inheritance, Interface 

  • What is Classes and Objects explain deference between it
  • Explain method of LocalDate class
  • What is constructor? Explain Type of constructor.
  • What is Encapsulation? Explain Benefits of Encapsulation
  • Explain use of Final keyword in detail.
  • Explain static field and static method in detail
  • What is Call by Value and Call by Reference explain in detail?
  • What is Overloading and Overriding Explain deference between it?
  • What is Overloading and Overriding Explain with example?
  • Explain object Initialization Blocks and static block in detail
  • Explain package with example.
  • Explain how to package java classed and how to import it
  • Explain import and static import.
  • What is Inheritance explain type of inheritance in detail
  • What is Polymorphism? Explain types of Polymorphism.
  • Explain final class and final method.
  • Explain instanceOf operator with example
  • What is Abstraction? Explain abstract class and method with example.
  • Explain four access modifiers default, private, protected and public in detail
  • Explain methods of cosmic superclass / object class
  • Explain Wrapper class with example.
  • What is autoboxing explain with example.
  • Explain enum data type with example.
  • What is interface explain
  • Explain Comparable, Comparator and cloneable Interface in detail

Unit-3: Lambda Expressions, Inner classes.

  • What is Lamda? Explain important characteristics of a lambda expression/syntax
  • What is Functional Interfaces how it use with Lamda? Explain with example.
  • What is Inner class? Explain type of inner class.
  • What is static inner class explain with example

Unit-4:  Exception Handling, Generic Programming 
  • What is Exception Handling?
  • What is Exception? Give Classification of Exceptions.
  • What is Exceptions? Explain Types of Java Exceptions
  • What is checked and unchecked exceptions explain with example
  • Explain keywords: try, catch, finally, throw, throws
  • What is Custom / user-defined Exception explain with example
  • Difference between throw and throws
  • What is Generic Programming? Explain Advantage of Generic Programming in java
  • What is Generic Methods? Explain with example?
  • Explain how generic code is translated to run on the JVM
  • What is Bridge Methods? Explain with example
  • Explain restrictions and limitations of Java generic programming.

Unit-5 Input and Output 
  • What is Stream? Explain IO Stream in detail.
  • Explain InputStream in detail
  • Explain OutputStream in detail
  • Explain How to read file by Byte by Byte with example?
  • Explain How to write file by Byte by Byte with example?
  • Explain with code, How to read char from file?
  • Explain FileOutputStream with example.
  • Write code to write string in to file using FileOutputStream.
  • Explain BufferedInputStream and BufferedOutputStream
  • Explain SequanceInputStream with example
  • Explain ByteArrayOutputStream with its important function
  • Explain ByteArrayInputStream with its important function
  • Explain DataOutputStream with its important function
  • Explain DataInputStream with its important function
  • Explain FilterOutputStream with its important function
  • Explain FilterInputStream with its important function
  • Explain RandomAccessFile with its important function
  • Explain FileReader with its important function
  • Explain FileWriter with its important function
  • Explain Path class methods with example
  • Explain File class with its important function
  • Write a code to list files and directory of current directory.
  • Explain how to create files and directory using Files class?
  • Explain how to do copy, move and delete file using Files class?
  • Explain BasicFileAttributes with its important methods

Unit-6: Database Programming 

  • What is JDBC? Explain its JDBC driver types
  • Explain Difference between JDBC vs ODBC
  • Explain common JDBC SQL data types
  • Explain important method of ResultSet
  • Explain how to navigate in ResultSet
  • Explain 3 types of Statement available in JDBC
  • Explain 3 types of Query method
  • Explain difference between Statement and Prepare statement 
  • Explain SQL Exceptions and warning in detail
  • Write a JAVA code to establish connection to the DataBase
  • Write a JAVA code to create table and insert record in it.


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