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This text define How to install Tomcat Application server on windows operating system

Step : 1 Download Java Development Kit 

  • Servlet required Java Development Kit to compile and Execute  code 
  • Go to and Download latest version of JDK and JRE
  • Install JDK

Step : 2 Select IDE for the Development of Servlet

  • There so many editor used for J2EE Devlopment like NetBeans, Eclipse, Dreamviewer or Plain Text Editor etc.
  • We use Notpad  as per GTU Guidelines  

Step : 3 Download Tomcat

  • There are so many Application server used for executing servlet like Tomcat, Jboss, WebSphere etc
  • We select Tomcat as per GTU guideline 
  • Got to and download lastest version of tomcat

Step : 4 Choose Appropriate Apache Tomcat Version

Servlet/JSP SpecApache Tomcat versionActual release revisionMinimum Java Version
2.4/2.05.5.x (archived)5.5.36 (archived)1.4
2.3/1.24.1.x (archived)4.1.40 (archived)1.3
2.2/1.13.3.x (archived)3.3.2 (archived)1.1

Step : 5 Choose Appropriate Binary Distribution for Apache Tomcat 

  • According to operating System choose .zip / . tar.gz / installer 
  • Download Tomcat
  • Install It
  • I choose Windows service Installer for Tomcat 7
  • After downloading execute it with administrator privileges

Step : 6 It will Execute wizard for Apache Tomcat 

Step : 7 Choose FULL installation type 

Step : 8 customize the configuration as per need

 Step : 9 follow other step of wizard and finish it


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