postheadericon GTU LAMP 3630010 Programming with Linux Apache MySQL and PHP

Subject Name: Programming with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP)
Subject Code: 3630010

UNIT-1  Setting up Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP Basics Apache Installation and Configuration        [DOWNLOAD PPT]

  • Current and future versions of Apache, 
  • Choosing the Appropriate installation method, 
  • Installing apache on Linux platforms, 
  • Apache configuration file structure, 
  • Apache log files, 
  • Apache-related commands, 
  • Starting apache for the first time

      PHP Installation and Configuration

  • Current and Future version of PHP/MySQL, 
  • Installing / Building PHP/MySQL on different platforms with apache,
  • Php.ini Basics, 
  • The basics of PHP scripts

UNIT-2 PHP Overview Flow control and building blocks  [DOWNLOAD PPT]

  • Variables, 
  • Data types, 
  • Operators and expressions, 
  • Constants,
  • Switching flow, 
  • Loops, 
  • Code blocks and browser Output.
  • Working with Functions, Arrays and Objects
  • What is a function, 
  • Calling function, 
  • Defining a function,
  • Returning values from User-defined functions, 
  • Variable scope,
  • Saving state between function calls with the static Statement,
  • More about arguments, 
  • Testing for the existence of a function,
  • What are Arrays, 
  • Creating arrays, 
  • Some array related
  • functions,
  • Creating an Object, 
  • Object inheritance 
  • Formatting Strings with PHP, 
  • Investigating Strings in PHP,
  • Manipulating Strings with PHP, 
  • Using Date and Time functions in PHP, 
  • Other String, 
  • Date and Time Functions

UNIT-3 Working with Forms  [DOWNLOAD PPT]

  • Creating a Simple Input Form, 
  • Accessing Form Input with User-Defined Arrays, 
  • Combining HTML and PHP Code on a Single Page, 
  • Using Hidden Fields to Save State, 
  • Redirecting the User, 
  • Sending Mail on form Submission, 
  • Working with File Uploads


  • Understanding JavaScript, 
  • uses of JavaScript, 
  • attaching external JavaScript, 
  • validating form fields using JavaScript,
  • extending functionalities of form fields using JavaScript

UNIT-4 Interacting with MySQL  [DOWNLOAD PPT]

  • Learning the MySQL Data Types, 
  • Frequently used String functions in MySQL, 
  • Using Date and Time functions in MySQL, 
  • Using Transactions and Stored Procedures in MySQL. 
  • Interacting with MySQL using PHP, 
  • MySQL Versus MySQLi Functions, 
  • Connecting to MySQL with PHP, 
  • Working with MySQL Data

UNIT-5 Working with Cookies, User Sessions, Files, Directories and Images  [DOWNLOAD PPT]

  • Introducing Cookies, Setting a Cookie with PHP, 
  • Deleting a Cookie with PHP Session Function(s) Overview, 
  • Starting a Session, 
  • Working with Session Variables, 
  • Passing Session IDs in the Query String,
  • Destroying Sessions and Un-setting Variables, 
  • Using Sessions in an Environment with Registered Users Including Files with include(), 
  • Validating Files, 
  • Creating and Deleting Files,
  • Opening a File for Writing, 
  • Reading or Appending, 
  • Reading from files, 
  • Writing or Appending to a file,
  • Working with Directories Opening Pipes to and from Processes Using popen(), 
  • Executing System Commands Understanding the Image Creation Process, 
  • Necessary Modifications to PHP, 
  • Drawing a New Image, 
  • Getting fancy with Pie Charts, 
  • Modifying Existing Images, 
  • Image Creation from User Input, 
  • Using Images Created by Scripts


  • Overview, 
  • Syntax, 
  • Data Types, 
  • Objects, 
  • Schema, 
  • Serializing into JSON, 
  • Parsing JSON


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