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Programming with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP)

UNIT-1 Setting up Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP Basics Apache Installation and Configuration

Chapter -3 Installing and Configuring MySQL

  1. Explain how to install Apache on LINUX/ UNIX?
  2. Explain apache configuration in detail.
  3. Explain Pre-directory configuration in detail.

Chapter -4 Installing and Configuring Apache

  1. Explain how to install PHP on LINUX/ UNIX?
  2. Explain how to install MySQL on LINUX/ UNIX?

UNIT-2 Working with Forms

Chapter -5 The Building Blocks of PHP

  1. Explain any five super global variable
  2. Explain PHP standard data type in detail
  3. Explain functions to Testing the Type of a Variable
  4. How we can Chang or set data Type of any Variable in PHP
  5. Explain operator in PHP
  6. Explain constant and variable in PHP

Chapter -6 Flow Control Functions in PHP

  1. Explain Switching Flow in detail 
  2. Explain looping structure / looping in detail
  3. Explain how to create and call user define function in PHP
  4. Explain variable scope in detail (local global and static)

Chapter -7 Working with Functions

  1. Explain default or optional argument in User define function
  2. Explain pass by value and pass by reference in UDF

Chapter -8 Working with Arrays

  1. What is array? Explain type different array type and different ways to create array in PHP
  2. Explain Array-Related Constructs and Functions with example.

Chapter -9 Working with Objects

  1. Explain how following Object oriented concepts with example
    • class, 
    • object,
    • contractor,
    • properties,
    • method.
  2. Explain Inheritance with method Overriding in PHP with example.

Chapter -10 Working with Strings, Dates and Time

  1. Explain five string related function in PHP with example.
  2. Explain five date and time related function in PHP with example
  3. Explain printf() function in detail

HTML and JavaScript

  1. What is JavaScript? Explain different ways to add it on webpage.
  2. How to validate HTML form using JavaScript?
  3. Explain JavaScript KeyPress event with example.
  4. Explain DOM in detail.
  5. Explain HTML Form element in detail.
  6. Explain an HTML Table with Example.
  7. Difference between GET vs POST method
  8. Explain various HTML List in detail.

UNIT-3 Interacting with MySQL

Chapter -11 Working with Forms

  1. Explain accessing Form Input with User-Defined Arrays with an example
  2. Explain various HTML form elements to take input from user
  3. Explain Hidden Fields to save state with an example.
  4. Explain how to redirect user in PHP
  5. Explain how to send mail from PHP
  6. Explain how to send mail using example.
  7. Explain File Upload Global Variables in detail
  8. Explain how to upload file using example.

UNIT-4 Interacting with MySQL

  1. Chapter -16 Learning Basic SQL Commands
  2. Explain MySQL Data Types in detail
  3. Explain MySQL String functions in detail
  4. Explain MySQL Date and Time functions in detail

Chapter -17 Using Transactions and Stored Procedures in MySQL

  1. Explain Transactions in detail
  2. Explain Stored Procedures in MySQL and PHP

Chapter -18 Interacting with MySQL Using PHP

  1. Explain how to create connection with MySQL using mysqli function
  2. Explain following function
    •   mysqli_connect_errno()
    •   mysqli_connect_error()
    •   mysqli_get_host_info()
  3. How to execute SQL query (mysqli_query()) in PHP with example
  4. How to do insert, update delete in MySQL table using mysqli_query() explain with example
  5. Write a PHP Script to Retrieve Data and Display Results from MySQL
  6. What is SQL injection? Explain mysqli_real_escape_string() to prevent it with example 

UNIT-5 Working with Cookies, User Sessions, Files, Directories and Images

Chapter -12 Working with Cookies and User Sessions

  1. What is Cookie? Explain its all attributes.
  2. Explain setcookie() with all its argument in detail
  3. What is Cookie? Explain how to read and write cookies with example.
  4. Explain how to create persistent cookie with example.
  5. Explain difference between Cookies vs. Session
  6. Explain how to setting, unsetting and destroying session variable with example.
  7. Explain session related function with example 

Chapter -13 Working with Files and Directories

  1. Explain file including function available in PHP
  2. Explain any five file related function available in PHP.
  3. Explain various file reading function with example
  4. Explain various file writing function with example
  5. Explain how to create, read, write and delete file with example.
  6. Explain file_get_contents(), file_put_contents() in detail.
  7. Explain any five directory related function available in PHP.
  8. How to execute UNIX / LINUX command using PHP exec(),system() and passthru()

Chapter -14 Working with Images

  1. Explain Several PHP functions Drawing Shapes and Line
  2. Explain how to create, store and destroy image in PHP
  3. Write a code to create image that write GTU inside the circle.


  1. What is JSON explain it with an example.
  2. Explain Data Type available in JSON.
  3. Explain JSON schema keyword in detail.
  4. How to create and parse JSON using JavaScript?
  5. How to create and parse JSON using PHP?


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