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Subject Name: Android Programming
Subject Code: 3640015
Sample Question Bank 

UNIT - 1

  • What is android?
  • Explain Android SDK feature
  • What is OHA? explain in detail
  • Explain Android software stack in detail.
  • Explain with diagram the Android platform architecture. 
  • The Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Explain hardware abstraction layer(HAL)


  • List and describe in detail Android development tools (ADT)
  • Write steps to create AVD (Android Virtual Device)
  • Write steps to create Android Application
  • Explain Dalvik Debug Monitor Service (DDBMS)
  • Explain Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
  • Explain Hierarchy Viewer and Lint Tool
  • Explain Monkey and Monkey Runner android Tool


  • What makes an Android Application?
  • Describe components of an Android application.
  • Android Manifest File and its common settings in detail
  • What are resources? Explain different types of resources in detail.
  • Explain the Android Application Lifecycle with Lifecycle Events?
  • Explain the lifecycle of Android Activity Lifecycle Events.

UNIT - 2

  • Explain types of XML Layout to Create User Interfaces
  • What is Fragment? Explain Fragment lifecycle event
  • Explain Fragment Transactions in detail
  • Explain any Five ANDROID WIDGET
  • What is VIEW? Explain Creating and modifying Views?
  • What is Adapters? Explain types of Native Adapters with Example
  • Explain How to create custom Views


  • Explain Types of intent with example
  • Explain Linkify
  • Explain Pending Intents in details.
  • Explain Broadcast Receivers in detail
  • What is Sticky Intents? Explain how to Broadcasting Sticky Intents
  • Explain Native Android Intent Actions
  • Explain Intent Filters to Service Implicit Intents
  • Explain how to listen Native Broadcast Intents
  • Explain Listening for Battery Changes
  • Explain Listening for Connectivity Changes


  • Explain XML Parsing Using the XML Pull Parser
  • Explain Download Manager

UNIT - 3

  • Explain persistence data storage techniques available in android
  • What is Shared Preferences? Explain how to read, write and Search in Shared Preferences
  • Explain Creating Private Application Files
  • Explain any Five file related function


  • What is SQLite write a short note on it
  • What is Cursor? Explain methods of Cursor class
  • Explain SQLite Open Helper with example
  • Explain Opening and Creating Databases with the SQLite Open Helper
  • Explain Opening and Creating Databases without the SQLite Open Helper
  • Explain how to Query, insert, update and delete rows from Database?
  • What is Content Provider? Explain step to create Content Providers?
  • Explain How to Store Files in a Content Provider
  • What is Content Provider? Several native Content Providers?
  • Explain Media Store Content Provider using example
  • Explain Contacts Contract Content Provider using example
  • Explain How to Creating and Pick Contacts Using Intents?
  • Explain Calendar Content Provider using example
  • Explain Browser Content Provider using example
  • Explain CallLog Content Provider using example


  • What is service? Explain Service Life Cycle.
  • Explain Type of Services
  • Explain Restart Behavior of Android Service
  • What is AsyncTask? Explain it in detail.
  • Explain Alarm Service of Android.
  • List and Explain Types of Alarm.

UNIT - 4

  • What is ActionBar? Explain any five method of it?
  • Explain How to Disabling the Action Bar
  • Explain Types of Menu Available in Android
  • Explain Option Menu with Example
  • Explain Context Menu with Example
  • Explain Popup Menu with Example
  • Explain add() of Menu
  • Explain various Menu Item Options
  • Explain types of Dialog available in android
  • Explain Alert Dialog in detail
  • Explain how to view Activity as Dialog?
  • What is Toast? Explain How to customize it?


  • Explain Drawable resource types in detail
  • Explain Shape Drawables in detail
  • Explain Gradient Drawables in detail
  • Explain Types of Animation available in Android
  • Explain Tweened Animations with Example
  • Explain Frame Animations with Example
  • Explain Interpolated Property Animations with Example


  • List and Explain Supported Android Sensors
  • Explain how to Monitoring Sensors using SensorEventListener
  • Explain how to monitor a device's movement and orientation
  • What is Natural Orientation of a Device in android?


  • Explain available location provider in detail?
  • Explain how to find location provider by specifying criteria?
  • Explain how to find the Last Known Location of device?

UNIT - 5

  • What is Media Player in android? Explain transitions through the state machine.
  • Explain how to play audio using Media Player
  • Explain VideoView in detail
  • Explain Recording Sound with Audio Record
  • Explain Playing Sound with Audio Track
  • Explain how to take picture from Camera in android?
  • Explain how to record video using an Intent?
  • Explain how to record Video using Media Recorder?
  • Explain how to add media to MediaStore?

  • What is TelephonyManager? explain its use in detail
  • Explain how to replace the Native Dialer
  • Explain how to Monitoring Changes in Phone State
  • Explain how to Monitoring Incoming Phone Calls
  • Explain how to Track Cell Location Changes
  • Explain how to Track Service Changes
  • Explain how to Send SMS
  • Explain how to Send MMS
  • Explain how to Send SMS Using the SMS Manager
  • Explain how to Track and Confirm SMS Message Delivery
  • Explain how to Send Data Messages
  • Explain how to Listen or read Incoming SMS Messages


  • Write steps to Signing applications
  • Write steps to publishing applications
  • Discuss application marketing, promotion and distribution strategies
  • What is monetizing in android application?

Text Book:

  • Reto Meier Professional ANDROID 4 Application Development, WROX Latest Edition

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