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650003        Mobile Computing (MC)
    • Gujarat Technical University (GTU) Syllabus, MCA Semester - 5

Chapter-0   Installation & Sample Application
    • Eclipse Installation 
    • Java Installation
    • Android Installation
    • Android Same Application 

Chapter-1.   Introduction to Android
    •  History of Mobile Software Development
    •  The Open Handset Alliance
    •  The Android Platform
    •  Android SDK
    •  Building a sample Android application

Chapter-2.   Android Application Design Essentials
    • Anatomy of an Android applications
    • Android terminologies
    • Application Context, Activities, Services, Intents
    • Receiving and Broadcasting Intents  
    • Android Manifest File and its common settings 
    • Using Intent Filter, Permissions 
    • Managing Application resources in a hierarchy  
    • Working with different types of resources 

Chapter-3.   Android User Interface Design Essentials
    • User Interface Screen elements
    • Designing User Interfaces with Layouts
    • Drawing and Working with Animation

Chapter-4.   Using Common Android APIs

Chapter-5.   Deploying Android Application to the World
    • Selling your Android application 

Text Book
    1. Lauren Darcey and Shane Conder, “Android Wireless Application Development”, Pearson Education, 2nd ed. (2011)

Reference Book
    1. Reto Meier, “Professional Android 2 Application Development”, Wiley India Pvt Ltd 
    2. Mark L Murphy, “Beginning Android”, Wiley India Pvt Ltd
    3. Sayed Y Hashimi and Satya Komatineni, “Pro Android”, Wiley India Pvt Ltd
    4. (web)

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