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1. Introduction  [ Download Lecture ]
    Uses of Computer Networks,
    Network Hardware,
    Network Software,
    Reference Models

2. The Physical Layer [ Download Lecture ]
    The Theoretical Basis for Data Communication,
    Guided Transmission Media,
    Wireless Transmission,
    Communication Satellites,
    Public Switched Telephone Network,
    Mobile Telephone System,
    Cable Television

3. The Data Link Layer [ Download Lecture ]
    Data Link Layer Design Issues,
    Error Detection and Correction,
    Elementary Data Link Protocols,
    Sliding Window Protocols

4. The Medium Access Control Sub Layer [ Download Lecture ]
    The Channel Allocation Problem,
    Multiple Access Protocols,
    Ethernet, Wireless LANS,
    Broadband Wireless, Bluetooth,
    Data Link Layer Switching

5. The Network Layer [ Download Lecture ]
    Network Layer Design Issues,
    Routing Algorithms,
    Congestion Control Algorithms,
    Concept of Quality of Service

6. The Transport Layer [ Download Lecture ]
    The Transport service,
    Elements of Transport Protocols

7. The Application Layer [ Download Lecture ]
    Domain Name System,
    Electronic Mail

8. Network Security [ Download Lecture ]
    Symmetric-Key Algorithms,
    Public-Key Algorithms,
    Digital Signatures

Text Book :
    1. Andrew S. Tanenbaum, “Computer Networking”, Prentice Hall,Fourth Edition

Other Reference Book:
    1. Behrouz A. Forouzan, “Data Communications and Networking”,
        Tata McGraw-Hill, Fourth Edition

Download Syllabus : Fundamentals of Networking (FON) 640001

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