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  1. Check the output of the following commands
    • date
    • ls
    • who
    • cal
    • ps
    • wc
    • cat
    • uname
    • pwd
    • mkdir
    • rmdir
    • cd
    • cp
    • rm
    • mv
    • diff
    • chmod
    • grep
    • sed
    • head
    • tail
    • cut
    • paste
    • sort
    • find
  2. Write shell script
    1. Accept numbers and perform addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
    2. Accept the string and checks whether the string is palindrome or not.
    3. Accept number and check the number is even or odd, finds the length of the number, sum of the digits in the number.
    4. Accept strings and replace a string by another string.
    5. Accept filename and displays last modification time if file exists, otherwise display appropriate message.
    6. Fetch the data from a file and display data into another file in reverse order.
  3. Write a script to find the global complete path for any file.
  4. Write a script to broadcast a message to a specified user or a group of users logged on any terminal.
  5. Write a script to copy the file system from two directories to a new directory in such a way that only the latest file is copied in case there are common files in both the directories.
  6. Write a script to compare identically named files in two different directories and if they are same, copy one of them in a third directory.
  7. Write a script to delete zero sized files from a given directory (and all its sub-directories).
  8. Write a script to display the name of those files (in the given directory) which are having multiple links.
  9. Write a script to display the name of all executable files in the given directory.
  10. Write a script to display the date, time and a welcome message (like Good Morning etc.). The time should be displayed with “a.m.” or “p.m.” and not in 24 hours notation.
  11. Write a script to display the directory in the descending order of the size of each file.
  12. Write a script to implement the following commands:Tree (of DOS)  which (of UNIX)
  13. Write a script for generating a mark sheet after reading data from a file. File contains student roll no, name , marks of three subjects.
  14. Write a script to make following file and directory management operations menu based:Display current directoryList directory Make directory Change directory Copy a file Rename a file Delete a file Edit a file
  15. Write a script which reads a text file and output the following Count of character, words and lines. File in reverse. Frequency of particular word in the file. Lower case letter in place of upper case letter.
  16. Write a shell script to check whether the named user is currently logged in or not.
  17. Write a Script for Simple Database Management System Operation.                                                     Database File Contains Following Fields.                                                                                           EMP_NO EMP_NAME EMP_ADDRESS EMP_AGE EMP_GENDER EMP_DESIGNATION EMP_BASIC_SALARYProvide Menu Driven Facility ForVIEW RECORD BASED ON QUERYADD RECORDDELETE RECORDMODIFY RECORD.COUNT TOTAL NUMBER OF RECORDSEXIT 
  19. Write a script to calculate gross salary for any number of employeesGross Salary =Basic + HRA + DA.HRA=10% and DA= 15%.      
  20. Write a script to check whether a given string is palindrome or not.
  21. Write a script to check whether a given number is palindrome or not.
  22. Write a script to display all words of a file in ascending order.
  23. Write a script to display all lines of a file in ascending order.
  24. Write a script to display the last modified file.
  25. Write a shell script to add the statement #include <stdio.h> at the beginning of every C source file in current directory containing printf and fprintf.
  26. Write a script that behaves both in interactive and non-interactive mode. When no arguments are supplied, it picks up each C program from current directory and lists the first 10 lines. It then prompts for deletion of the file. If the user supplies arguments with the script, then it works on those files only.
  27. Write a script that deletes all leading and trailing spaces in all lines in a file. Also remove blank lines from a file. Locate lines containing only printf but not fprintf.

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