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Dear Students,

As we begin our journey to learn, now it’s time to earn money. But many of us have problems to find work and we have many complain regarding the opportunity we get to earn money!!!
  • I couldn’t find job in my location or area!
  • I don’t have experience to work on this project / technology!
  • I doesn’t have budget to start this work!
  • I couldn’t take risk to do the job!

And many question and problems as many mouth we have.
So, here is the solution for that “Be a Freelancer and earn $$$”
To begin the journey towards the Freelancing we started our one step by attending the seminar of “Freelancing by Keval Kothari”. Here I would Like to advise you to create your profile any of freelancing site some of given below

Provide your feedback, suggestion and what you find interesting in this lecture by commenting on this article this will helpful to arrange many more lecture on the advances topic like

  • Amazing methods to make money
  • how to use discussion board
  • web sapping
  • be a smart data entry operator to earn $$$
  • white hat SEO 
  • black hat SEO
  • How to earn money by writing articles and many more. 

so just provide the feed backs and enjoy earning by learning ....


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